Daelon was Mornelithe Falconsbane's secretary. he had a similar outlook to Falconsbane, once remarking that it was "better to eliminate a menace than deal with a conflict." (Winds of Fate)

In addition to handling correspondence, Daelon oversaw the daily operations of Falconsbane's keep. He was also the person tasked with taking the imprisoned Dawnfire, trapped in her hawk's body, down to the keep's mews. Unbeknowest to anyone else, Falconsbane chose him for this duty because he knew his ineptness in handling raptors would give her a chance to escape.

Daelon was described as "an older man, lean and fit, with elaborate, flowing garments and dark gray hair and beard." (Winds of Fate) He was an extremely patient man, and very careful, though one could not be careful enough around Falconsbane. When Darkwind and Vree destroyed the crow bondbird construct that had been keeping Starblade imprisoned in his own mind, it sent a backlash of power straight at Falconsbane. He diverted the wild power, killing Daelon who had been standing nearest at the time.

In the series Edit

Daelon appears in the following work:

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