The Heralds of Valdemar are an ancient order, drawn from all across the land, from all walks of life, and at all ages, these unusual individuals are Gifted with abilities beyond those of normal men and women. They are Mindspeakers, FarSeers, Empaths, ForeSeers, FireStarters, FarSpeakers, and more. Sought and Chosen by mysterious horselike Companions, they are bonded for life to these telepathic, enigmatic creatures. With their Companions, the Heralds of Valdemar ride circuit throughout the kingdom protecting the peace and, when necessary, defending their land and monarch.

Contents Edit

  • "Feathers in Need" by Jennifer Brozek
  • "The Highjorune Masque" by Stephanie D. Shaver (Bard Lelia Miniseries, #7)
  • "Lost Song" by Dylan Birtolo
  • "Unresolved Consequences" by Elizabeth A. Vaughan (Lady Cera Miniseries, #3)
  • "Gifts of Rage and Despair" by Ron Collins
  • "A Bellowing of Bullfinches" by Elisabeth Waters (Animal Mindspeakers Miniseries, #5)
  • "She Chooses" by Michele Lang
  • "The Harvest" by Kristen Schwengel
  • "Before a River Runs Through It" by Fiona Patton (Watchmen Miniseries, #6)
  • "Hertasi and Wyrsa and Magpies, Oh My!" by Louisa Swann
  • "A Fire in the Grass" by Michael Williamson and Jessica Schlenker (Keth're'son Mage Miniseries, #3)
  • "Never Alone" by Dayle Dermatis
  • "Down the Line" by Brigid Collins
  • "Ghosts of the Past" by Angela Penrose
  • "The Quiet Gift" by Anthea Sharp
  • "Healing Home" by Kerrie L. Hughes
  • "The Note" by Phaedra Weldon
  • "Vexed Vixen" by Mercedes Lackey

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