The Council Hall of White Gryphon was a large, stone room. When the Council first began meeting there, it was roofed in tent canvas. The "ambitious architecture" required mages to do most of the construction work. With the havoc of the Mage Storms, the mages could accomplish very little most of the time.

Though its half-constructed state meant the room had none of its planned amenities, it did contain a large, wooden council table. The table took the city's master woodworker a solid year to complete. Because he was disabled, and could not walk or lift anything heavy, he made the table in sections, using each as a lesson in different techniques for his students. Then the students assembled each cunningly crafted piece in the Council Hall. The end result was a beautiful, formal table "complex and ingeniously designed, beneath an outer appearance of deceptive simplicity." [The White Gryphon, chapter one]

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