The Council of Valdemar is an advisory and legislative body for the Monarch. It is sometimes referred to as the Privy Council or the Grand Council. Each district of the kingdom has a Speaker with a seat on the Council. While these are generally nobles living in that district, that is not always the case. A seat may be filled by a town mayor or a Master tradesman.

There are also several 'permanent' seats that go with specific jobs. These are the Monarch, the Heir, the Seneschal, the Lord Marshal, Lord Patriarch, the Monarch's Own Herald, the Seneschal's Herald, the Lord Marshal's Herald and the Dean of the Collegium.

Each person on the Council has one vote, though the Heralds with seats (including the Heir) do not have a vote until they complete their internships. While the Council may vote on issues, the Monarch and Monarch's Own Herald together can block any action of the Council.

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