Kethry sings about falling in love with Jadrek.

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Lyrics Edit

No one ever sang me love songs

Do I miss not hearing love songs? 

Did I ever yearn for love songs? 

If I did, I have forgot 

There was always something needed 

Something to be learned or heeded 

And something they just receded 

Pushed off to what is not 

No one ever gave me flowers 

But I never needed flowers 

As I grew to know my powers 

I had other things to raise 

Flowers are frail, quickly drying 

And un-watered, withered, dying 

And for all your dearest trying 

Their span is only days 

Words of loving, softly spoken 

Or a vow, a lover’s token 

Only mean a promise broken 

For they only mean to bind 

Can you stop the year from turning? 

Keep the distant stars from burning? 

Love means growing, changing, learning, 

Not just loving what you find 

Love lives free, so goes the saying 

So they can be no betraying 

Where there’s no love, there’s no staying 

And I never choose to stay 

I had friends but ne’er a lover 

Infatuation, I discovered, 

Is a sickness I recovered 

And go off and on my way 

But one man, like no other, 

Like a partner, like a brother 

He doesn’t want a mother, 

Nor a goddess, nor a slave 

And he does not bring me flowers 

Nor demand all of my hours 

Is not jealous of my powers 

And my heart will not behave 

Gentle heart, so long neglected 

No, with us, you are respected 

No more, will you be rejected? 

You’re a friend and more to me 

Love for you means I feel means sharing 

Room for growing, space for daring 

And beneath it all, the caring 

Touch my heart, love will live free

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