Conn Levas was a mage in Urtho's Sixth Army during the Mage Wars. A mercenary and a narcissist to the highest degree, he cares for nothing but power and money.

For a time he was Winterhart's lover, though she never cared about him. She stayed with him only to punish herself for her perceived cowardice in the face of Ma'ar's fear spell. After Lady Cinnabar and Amberdrake convinced her that she didn't need punishment, and began the process of mending her emotional wounds, Winterhart left Levas. He blamed the breakup on Amberdrake, painting himself as a martyr.

After the mages united to protest their abuse at the hands of General Shaiknam, They were all removed from his command by Urtho. Levas was the only mage to request a transfer back into the Sixth. Once back in the field, he contacted one of Ma'ar's commanders, facilitating Shaiknam's eventual betrayal of Urtho. For the price of 24,000 silver coins and delivery of the to-be-captured Winterhart and Amberdrake, Levas agreed to assassinate Urtho. Though he succeeded, using Miranda thorns, he was not able to escape before Skandranon arrived. Realizing Urtho had been poisoned, Skan ripped out Conn Levas' throat.

In the seriesEdit

Conn Levas appears in the following work:

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