Tale'sedrin is one of the four Shin'a'in clans, the "Children of the Hawk." The clan standard is a vorcel-hawk.

On the road to a horse fair, the clan was attacked by bandits. Had they not been away from their home on the Dhorisha Plains, or had they not been caught in the midst of a Clan celebration, and therefore, mostly unarmed, they would have been able to hold off the bandits. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The women were raped, every man, woman and child was slaughtered and everything was looted. Only one young woman, Tarma, survived the destruction.

She had been raped and strangled, but wasn't quite dead. She became Kal'enedral and avenged her Clan, picking up a Goddess-approved blood-sister in the process. Tarma and her shieldsister, Kethry, eventually reestablished Clan Tale'sedrin with five of Kethry's seven children as the core. All but one of those five settled into multiple marriages, producing a plethora of grandchildren. Orphans and young people from some of the other Clans joined the reborn Tale'sedrin, growing it into a full Clan by 'present day.'

Kethry's granddaughter, Kerowyn, though not raised Shin'a'in maintains strong ties with the Clan. Enough so that her Shin'a'in cousins followed her to Valdemar, establishing an annual horse fair.

Notable Clan members Edit

Members of the Clan include:

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