Cinsley was a mage of the White Winds School who lived in the distant past, when hertasi were still a fairly new race. When he was in his middle years, he was captured by a lord who wanted to coerce him into service. He was beaten and tortured, but he escaped.

Cinsley ran for his life with the lord, his huntsman and his hounds in pursuit. He stumbled into a clearing in front of the home of the hertasi, Gervase. Gervase hid Cinsley in his tree-home and threw off his pursuers. Once he was safe, Cinsley offered to use the magic stored in Gervase's tree to reward him. There was only enough magic for one great spell. Gervase chose to have his magic potential unlocked. Cinsley took him on as an apprentice.

In the series Edit

Kethry tells Gervase and Cinsley's story to fascinated clan children in the following work:

The story is also immortalized in a song, "Lizard Dreams." The lyrics are included in Oathbreakers, Appendix Two: Songs and Poems.

The song was recorded on the Oathbound album.