Cinnabar is a senior Healer who served with Urtho's armies during the Mage Wars. She is lifebonded to fellow Healer Tamsin.

She is described as:

"...graceful and tall... as elegant as if she had just come from holding court, her scarlet gown cut to mid-calf, showing scarlet leather boots and slender ankles, her sleeves cut tight, displaying her graceful arms without an unseemly show of flesh. Skandranon had heard that by human standards she was not beautiful, not even handsome, but her strong-nosed face, so like a proud falcon, seemed attractive enough to him. She even had a crest; her hair was cut short on the sides and top so that it stood up, and flowed in a braided tail down her back." (The Black Gryphon, Chapter 3)
Cinnabar is a Tantaran noblewoman, and was living in the royal palace at the time Ma'ar's dyrstaf was activated, unleashing a powerful fear spell on the inhabitants. As a Healer, Cinnabar lives and sleeps under shielding, and so was completely unaffected. When most of the nobility fled, she immediately summoned Urtho and helped him search the palace for the High King Leodhan. Because of her quick action, Urtho was able to organize the armies in time to defend the kingdom from Ma'ar's armies.

In the series Edit

Cinnabar appears in the following works:

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