1000 BF

Era of the Black Gryphon

The Black Gryphon

Sun in Glory: "Errold's Journey"

990 BF

The White Gryphon

975 BF

The Silver Gryphon                                                        


Founding of Valdemar

Reign of Valdemar

Sun in Glory: "Trance Tower Garrison"

Sun in Glory: "The Cat Who Came to Dinner"

Reign of Restil

Crossroads: "The Blue Coat"

Crossroads: "Finding Elvida"

Sun in Glory: "Starhaven"

Sword of Ice: "Blood Ties"

Reign of Vera

Sun in Glory: "Rebirth"

Sword of Ice: "Choice"

Reign of Matthias

Reign of Terilee

Reign of Tavist

Reign of Leshia

Reign of Tyrdel

750 AF

Reign of Elspeth the Peacemaker

Sword of Ice: "Sword of Ice"

Magic's Pawn

Crossroads: "The Feast of the Children"

798 AF

Reign of Randale

Sword of Ice: "Chance"

Magic's Promise

Magic's Price

Crossroads: "Naught But Duty"

808 AF

Reign of Co-Consorts Treven & Jisa

Sword of Ice: "In the Forest of Sorrows"

Sun in Glory: "Winter Death"

Sun in Glory: "In the Eye of the Beholder"

Crossroads: "Darkwall’s Lady"

855 AF

Reign of Kiril






Closer to Home

Closer to the Heart

Closer to the Chest

1077 AF

Reign of Theran

Brightly Burning               

Sword of Ice: "Salamander"

Crossroads: "Death in Keenspur House"                                                                 

1270 AF

Reign of Co-Consorts Arden & Leesa

Oathblood: "The Talisman"

Oathblood: "Sword Sworn"


Crossroads: "Landscape of the Imagination"



1315 AF

Reign of Roald

Sun in Glory: "A Herald's Rescue"

Oathblood: "Wings of Fire"

Oathblood: "Spring Plowing at Forst Reach"

Oathblood: "Oathblood"

Sword of Ice: "Sunlancer"


1355 AF

Reign of Sendar               

Crossroads: "Song for Two Voices"

Exile's Honor

Crossroads: "War Cry"


1376 AF

Reign of Selenay

Exile's Valor

Crossroads: "Safe and Sound"

Sun in Glory: "Brock"

Take a Thief

Sword of Ice: "Demons Den"

Sword of Ice: "Another Successful Experiment"

Arrows of the Queen

Arrow's Flight

1393 AF

Reign of Selenay continued

Arrow's Fall

By the Sword

Sword of Ice: "Vkandis' Own"

Crossroads: "Strength and Honor"           

Sword of Ice: "Blue Heart"

Winds of Fate

Crossroads: "Horse of Air"              

Winds of Change

1403 AF

Reign of Selenay continued

Sword of Ice: "Blue Heart"

Winds of Fury

Sword of Ice: "The School Up The Hill"

Storm Warning 

Storm Rising

Storm Breaking

Crossroads: "A Change of Heart"


1408 AF

Reign of Selenay continued

Crossroads: "Dawn of Sorrows"



Crossroads: "Transmutation"

The Valdemar Companion: "A Herald's Journey"                                     

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