Christa was a Herald coming through the Collegium just after Talia. They were in Gift training at the same time. She was described as "a lanky, coltish girl." (Arrows of the Queen)

Christa had an incredibly strong Fetching Gift, so strong that Dirk taught her how to Fetch living beings without injuring them, something he wouldn't have even admitted was possible to most students.

Using this knowledge, she ran into a burning home, picking up children and Fetching them out into their parents' arms. She died when the roof collapsed before she had a chance to escape. Dirk had recently discovered that it was possible for the strongly Gifted to Fetch themselves short distances. He blamed himself for her death, as he had never gotten around to writing her with the information.

Companion Edit

The name of Christa's Companion is not given.

Gifts Edit

Christa had an especially strong Fetching Gift.

Internship Edit

Christa was sent out on circuit under the guidance of Herald Destria. They were at a waystation in Gyrefalcon's Marches, when they realized the nearby village was under attack by an organized army of bandits. The bandits were slaughtering the townsfolk and burning the homes. While Destria organized the defense and she and the two Companions helped rout the bandits, Christa started rescuing people from the burning buildings. She was on the second floor of one burning home, Fetching children out to their parents on the ground when the roof collapsed and killed her.

In the series Edit

Christa appears in the following works:

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