The Broken Sword is an inn located in the Jkathan city of Mornedealth. City law confines non-residents to specific inns, and the Broken Sword is the one favored by mercenaries. It is the winter quarters for the guards of the Jewelers Guild, and is where Tarma and Kethry met Justin Twoblade and Ikan Dryvale. The inn itself is two stories tall, made of wood stained a dark brown, and built around three sides of a square courtyard. The inn's stable takes up the fourth side.

The inn is owned and operated by Hadell, a former City Guard who mustered out after a brawl left him with a cut tendon. His old friend Jervic, one of the gate guards, sends business his way. A wise man, Hadell has his two sons waiting tables in the taproom, while his daughter Laeka takes care of the stable.


1. The Broken Sword Inn appears in Oathbound (novel).

2. As an adult, Laeka appears in Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar: "A Dream Deferred" by Kristin Schwengel.

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