Old Man Brodie was a failed Healer living during the reigns of Elspeth the Peacemaker and Randale. His exact origins are never given, though he appears to have originally lived and trained somewhere in the southern part of the area between what was, then, the northern border of Valdemar and the Ice Wall Mountains.

Brodie's career as a Healer was hamstrung by his fear of pain, which caused him to employ his Gift clumsily, making the situation worse. Finally, he turned in his Healer Greens and set out north. When the road ended, he settled down, setting up a practice as an animal healer. He used herbs and poultices to disguise his use of his Gift.

He did well, living by himself in an isolated hut until Leareth found him. For three years Leareth blackmailed him, threatening to reveal his secret Gift unless Brodie treated the bandits on Leareth's payroll. This went on for three years until he was summoned by the bandit chief, Lord Rendan, to heal the mortally wounded Herald-Mage Vanyel.

Brodie determined that Vanyel had been trapped by a spell he couldn't break from the inside (similar to the magical mirror-egg spell later developed by Kethry), which prevented his use of either true magic or mind-magic. Brodie found the weak point and broke open the spell from the outside. Unfortunately for him, the combination of magical trap, pain and extensive physical and emotional trauma had rendered Vanyel temporarily insane. He killed Brodie and Damen in the first moments he was free from the spell. Once he was returned to himself, Vanyel deeply regretted this action.

In the series Edit

Brodie appears in the following work:

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