Brightstar was one of the four children sired by Herald-Mage Vanyel Ashkevron, and the one that took most after him. He and his twin sister were the only Mage-Gifted, though Brightstar was a Healing-Adept, and he was the only one to inherit the silver eyes. Raised by Starwind and Moondance k'Treva, his hair was the same bleached white as all Tayledras mages, "and there was something about the timbre of his strong, vibrant voice that would remind anyone who heard it of Vanyel." (Magic's Price

Brightstar and his twin, Featherfire, were borne by a Tayledras woman, Snowlight, who wanted a child, but didn't want to have one with any of the Tayledras men she knew. She made sure she had twins, then kept and raised Featherfire, giving Brightstar to Starwind and Moondance, who also wished for a child.

When Savil appealed to Starwind and Moondance for help in removing the leech-blade that was killing Vanyel, Brightstar and the scout, Firesong, were the ones to persuade the Tayledras adepts to leave the Vale and go to Forst Reach.

In the seriesEdit

Brightstar appears in the following work:

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