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Bondbirds are semi-sentient raptors and corvids that are native to Velgarth. Originally created by the Clans in the era preceding the Mage Wars, along with the horses the Shin'a'in would later become famous for, they possess rudimentary intelligence and Mindspeech. Thoughts are more often expressed as images and/or feelings rather than words, but bondbirds are capable of forming simple phrases-those with more intelligence are more capable at speaking with words.

They bond to the person of their choice telepathically for life, like Companions, but multiple birds may join to a single person, unlike Companions, especially those derived from corvids. Birds may either choose to live wild or bond-- most choose to bond.

Origins Edit

Long before the Mage Wars, Kaled'a'in healers and mages worked together to create the bondbirds. The changes in them were less subtle than those of the warhorses.

"The raptors had been given increased intelligence and curiosity, the ability to speak mind-to-mind with humans, and the ability to flock-bond to each other and the humans who raised them. To compensate for the increased mass of brain tissue, and to make them more effective as fighting partners, they were larger than their wild counterparts." (The Black Gryphon, Chapter Eight)
At the time of the Sundering of the Clans, the bondbirds were considered to be 'unfinished,' unlike the battlesteeds. The Tayledras continue to perfect them into the modern-day.



A bondbird soaring over a vale by Larry Dixon

Bondbirds are mostly derived from raptors, and specially bred by the Tayledras. As a result, bondbirds bond only with those members of Tayledras clans or one who has been fully adopted into one. The Tayledras will select a type of raptor/bird they wish to cultivate, and then work from there, using magic to build up factors such as size, intelligence, etc.

Unlike their raptor counterparts, bondbirds are much larger-from 3 up to 10 times so. They are also much smarter and are capable of cooperation-birds of different species that would kill each other in the wild get along well and even play together.

Snowfall k'Vala uses the term ye’dorkandan k’shulah in reference to bondbirds. This seems to refer to a grouping or community of bondbirds.

List of bondbird speciesEdit


  • Forest gyre (falcon)
  • Red-shouldered hawk
  • Crested Hawk-Eagle
  • Short-Eared Eagle Owl
  • Perlin
  • Screech Owl
  • Snowy Owl


  • Crow
  • Raven

Other speciesEdit

  • Crested Firebird - As of the present, Firesong's Aya is the only example of this type. They are a new variety.

Bondbird characters Edit

Some notable bondbirds include:

Additional bondbirds can be found here: Category:Bondbirds

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