The red dot is the location of Bolthaven.

Bolthaven was the winter quarters for the mercenary company the Skybolts. It is located in southwestern Rethwellan, near the border with Jkatha and close to the Pelagirs.

There wasn't a lot there for a long time, beyond the Skybolts quarters. After Kerowyn took over as Captain of the company, that began to change. In order to help her rebuild the devastated company her Shin'a'in cousins in Clan Tale'sedrin began bringing strings of horses to Bolthaven to sell, using Kerowyn as their agent and the company as their guards. The company took a commission on the sales, and the Bolthaven Horse Faire was born.

Between the horse fair and steadily growing mercenary company attracting merchants and settlers to the area, and the veterans mustering out and settling nearby, a thriving village grew up. When the company resettled in Bolton, Valdemar, the company's quarters were taken over by their chief mage, Quenten, who turned it into a White Winds School. Tale'sedrin followed Kerowyn to Valdemar as well, establishing a new horse fair and turning the Bolthaven Horse Faire over to Clan Liha'irden.

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