Berte was the old beggar woman who took care of Stefen as a child. When he was very small, she taught him to beg, pasted on false sores and bound up his legs so he would hobble on a crutch. Once she discovered his musical talent, he didn't have to fake injury or illness any longer, instead he sat on street corners singing, while Berte accompanied him on a small hand drum.

With this steady source of income assured, Berte returned to drink and drugs, the original cause of her downfall. Stefen used his Wild Talent to "cure" her hangovers each morning so they could get out to their corner. Then when she was drunk or drugged into senselessness, he filched the odd copper or two and snuck out for food.

When Bard Lynnell kidnapped Stefen, carrying him off the the Bard's Collegium, he believed Berte had sold him, the same way she had sold her own children.

In the seriesEdit

Berte appears in the following work:

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