Bear is a Healer and friend to Mags at the Collegium.

While he doesn't possess the regular Healer's Gift, he comes from a family of Healers and has a vast knowledge of healing without using a Gift.  He is a master of herbal medicines and surgery technique.

Bear found a way to cure the crippled Amily by re-breaking and setting her leg.

Bear assembled an herb kit, to be used by people without the healing gift (midwives, guards and Heralds on circuit).

Bear is married to Lena by father Poul.


Bear's family does not approve of his being at the Healer's Collegium. They believe that, as he has no "Healer's Gift", he takes up a spot at the school that could go to someone else. They wish him to come home and be married off. Bear's brother, in particular, has aggressively attempted to get the Healers at the Collegium to side with him. Naturally, as Bear is an amazing student and Healer, they did not.

In the seriesEdit

Bear appears in the following works:

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