Bards in Velgarth are fairly common, though outside of Valdemar, it is unknown if they receive much in the way of quality, focused training. If Leslac is an example of the typical outKingdom Bard, then their training leaves much to be desired. Inside Valdemar, however, Bardic Trainees are selected on the basis of whether they have "two of the three" gifts that are pertinent to Bards:

  • Creative Gift
  • Gift of Musicianship
  • Bardic Gift

To become a Bard-Trainee, an individual must have two of the following three things: the creativity required to compose original works; the talent for playing one or more musical instruments; or the Bardic Gift, the ability to control the moods of crowds through music -- similar to empathy.

In Valdemar, one who possesses at least two of these three will be taken to Haven and enrolled, usually at no cost to the student or family, in the Bardic Collegium and will become a Bard-Trainee.

Bards wear scarlet, and are required to have weapons training. They have the following ranking system:

  • Apprentice Bard
  • Journeyman Bard
  • Master Bard
  • Full Bard

Each level has certain requirements on it before one can be allowed to attain it. Graduation comes when one reaches Master status, though some gain Full Bard status by the time of their graduation, but that is a rare occasion.

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