Avatars are otherworldly creatures that serve deities as messengers and/or agents of divine orders. They are creatures of the Spirit Realm, and can walk the Moonpaths. They can be created from mortal creatures, as was the case with the Star-Eyed's avatars Dawnfire and Tre'valen.

While in deep trance with her bondbird Kyrr, the Tayledras scout Dawnfire k'Sheyna fought Mornelithe Falconsbane and lost. He killed both Kyrr's personality and Dawnfire's body, leaving her trapped in the body of a hawk. Over time, her personality would have slowly faded away until only the bird remained. Instead, the Star-Eyed transformed her into an avatar.

Not long after, while his spirit was flying in the mortal realm in the shape of a hawk, the Shin'a'in shaman, Tre'valen shena Tale'sedrin joined Dawnfire to save Starblade k'Sheyna, Kethra and Hyllarr from the murderous assault of Falconsbane. Tre'valen's body died, and the Star-Eyed transformed him into an avatar as well.

Avatar characters Edit

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