Aubri was a broadwing-type gryphon who fought for Urtho, the Mage of Silence, during the Mage Wars.

He was a member of the Sixth Wing. He later became a founding member of the police force known as the Silver Gryphons in the city of White Gryphon.

Aubri was known for his no-nonsense, pragmatic attitude and practical mind. He had a good sense of humor, but was also an excellent fighter.

The Mage WarsEdit

Aubri was originally a member of the Sixth Wing, a group of gryphons that fought for Urtho against the evil mage Ma'ar during the Mage Wars.

He was captured by Ma'ar along with Kechara, and was imprisioned at Ma'ar's fortress. Skandranon managed to rescue both him and Kechara, even though he was badly injured, due to previous injuries gained from fighting, and from torture inflicted upon him by Ma'ar and his cronies.

Founding of White GryphonEdit

Aubri worked with Judeth as one of the founders, and later main leaders, of the police force in the city founded by the k'Leshya refugees, White Gryphon.

In the series Edit

Aubri appears in the following works:

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