A professional that designs structures or works in the emerging fields of engineering and science.

In Haven the artificers, trained or training as scholarly unaffiliated "Blues" at the Collegium, have taken over the Compass Rose Tavern. The common room is occupied by the students and "journeymen", while a back room is reserved for the Masters, teachers and those who have "graduated."

During the Mage Storms crisis, the Artificers become a vital part of the working group that develops strategies to mitigate the effects of the storms, and ultimately, survive the echo return of the Cataclysm.

In Storm Warning, after Natoli introduces him to the worthies at Compass Rose, Karal describes his first experience with the Artificers thusly:

"He had never before seen anyone with the kind of unbounded curiosity these young men and women shared. They talked and acted as if there was nothing that was impossible, from flying like birds to moving beneath the surface of the water without needing to breathe, like a fish. And they behaved as if there was nothing, no subject, that was "not meant for man to know." (Storm Warning)

Notable ArtificersEdit

A list of other artificers is available here: Category:Artificers

In the series Edit

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