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For other uses of 'Arrow's Flight,' see the disambiguation page.

Talia sings about her Gift going rogue.

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Lyrics Edit

Finding your center, not hard for a child
But I am a women now patterned and grown
Drawn out of balance my gift has run wild
Never have I felt so lost and alone

Now all the questions that I did not ask
Come back to haunt me by day and by night
Finding your center, so simple a task
And one that I fear I shall never set right

Where has my balanced gone? What did I know?
That I have forgotten in time's ebb and flow'
Wrong or right, dark or light I cannot see
For I've lost the heart of the creature called me

Doubt shatters certainty fosters despair
Guilt harbors weakness and fear makes me blind
Fear of the secrets that I dare not share
Lost in the spiral maze of my own mind

Knowing the cost to us all if I fail
Feeling that failure breath cold on my back
All I thought strong now reveals as so frail
That I could not weather one spiteful attack

Where has my balanced gone? What did I know?
That I have forgotten in times ever flown
Longer right, double light I cannot see
For I've lost the hart of the creature called me

An arrow in flight must be sent with control
But all my control was illusion at best
Instinct alone cannot captain us all
Direction must be learned and not merle guessed

Seeking with purpose not flailing about
Trusting in others as they trust in me
Starting again from the shadows of doubt
Gods how I fear of what I yet know must be

Finding my center and with it control
Disciplined knowledge must now be hole
Knowing my limits are judging what's right
Till nothing can hinder this arrow in flight

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