The mercenary Ardana Flinteyes was a low ranking officer in the mercenary company the Skybolts under Captain Lerryn. During the debacle in Menmellith, when the joint companies were ambushed by "bandits" and their reinforcements out of Karse, the Skybolts lost nearly all their officers in the subsequent flight. Ardana was the highest ranking survivor, which granted her the right to the Captaincy.

Unfortunately, Ardana had none of the skills of a leader or strategist, and she wasn't wise enough to listen to the gifted individuals under her command. She lead the remaining company from one disaster to another until finally Kerowyn had had enough. She severed her contract with the company and left. Ardana calling for her arrest was only the latest in a long line of bad and therefore unpopular decisions. Using a mostly ignored provision in the Mercenary Code, the company removed her as Captain and voted Kerowyn in.

Ardana was described as having eyes hard as flint, probably the origin of her surname. While she had never been the best officer, the pressure of the Captaincy turned her into a monster. She put Kerowyn in mind of "a half-mad, half-starved dog." (By the Sword)

In the series Edit

Ardana appears in the following work:

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