A song about Kerowyn's training.

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Lyrics Edit


It's a serious business - strike and parry, 

A serious business - no time to tarry, 

To strike your enemy full and fast, 

To gain the strength to win at last. 

It's a serious business - death and dying, 

A serious business - no time for crying, 

The warrior's trick is to survive, 

The warrior's trick is to stay alive. 

Tarma of the Shin'a'in

She will teach you how to begin, 

First with axe and then with sword 

To kill the demon horde. 

Chopping wood will bid your strength 

Teach you how to fill your rank. 

All alone the splintered wood 

Too soon will turn to blood. 


Strike and guard and strike again, 

Battle through the wind and rain. 

Training with the cunning blade, 

Do you dream of a midnight raid? 

Thrust you with stick and dirk 

Leave a gash upon the cheek. 

Stealth and cunning are your friends 

Unto the bloody end. 


Now has gone the little girl 

In her safe little world. 

She is grown and never weak, 

She won't turn the other cheek. 

Let the mage with all his might 

Come and challenge her to fight, 

With his throat streaming red - 

Join the army of the dead. 


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