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A lovely young man comes prancing and dancing.
A lovely young man with a voice like the sun.
A test I shall give, is his heart pure or blackened?
Then shall we see if he is a worthy one.
Will he rise to the challenge or be undone?

Young man can you help a wizened old woman?
A crust of bread is all that I need.
Young man can you show this old one some kindness?
Open your heart, do a good deed.

This lovely young man has no compassion,
He thinks of himself and no one but he.
This lovely young man needs some instruction,
Needs to be humbled  before he can see.

Young man I had hoped you’d prove to be worthy,
I’d hoped that your heart was as big as your voice.
You can show kindness or walk on ignoring,
This simple act is your own choice.

This lovely young man, he laughs at my sorrow,
He thinks it a joke, his banter is cruel.
This lovely young man has no understanding,
How shall I teach him contempt is only for fools.

Then lovely young man, go prancing and dancing.
Away from the light of the moon you ever shall run.
A test was conferred, but your heart did not merit,
Then sing if you shall only to the sun.
This curse I lay upon you may ne'er be undone.

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